The world is a limitless source of picturesque beauty. And, although we can travel and hold onto those memories of breathtaking scenery that we are lucky to experience, the ability to physically grasp and display that imagery in your own home or workplace will ensure that those powerful feelings invoked in that single moment, can be enjoyed every day.

Over the past few years, my draw to nature photography has grown exponentially. Outside of running my photography firm, my spare time is spent actively searching for undiscovered locations and unique compositions that can produce an image capable of transporting the audience into a different place and time.

Hidden within every landscape image, is a personal story of the physical and mental adventures that I have undertaken to place myself behind that lens. Whether it requires a 7-day, 60km hike over some of the most difficult terrain, made even more challenging by the torrential rain and a leaky tent, or a 4am winter wake-up call resulting in me being waist-deep in the ocean and consequently wring out my clothes and emptying my water-filled shoes with numb hands – I love every second of it.

With a distinct passion for the Australian landscape I’ve recently started to enter some my images into competitions. Australian Geographic Nature Awards is a competition I’ve always admired and this year my image ‘Through The Pines” is a finalist (top 11 images 2020) in the botanical category.

I hope you are moved by my images in the way I was when capturing them, and can delight in the exquisiteness of each artwork.

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